Message reçu le 17/04/2004


Date: Tue Apr 13, 2004

From Bo in San Jose, april 12th

Greetings Family!

The gathering in Costa Rica ended in beauty, just as it started.
The opening full moon ceremony, on march 6th, counted over 700 people who spiraled
around a gigantic central sacred fire surrounded by 12 huge standing stones. Apart from
the main kitchen, there was a fruit kitchen, kiddie village, calm medical center, a full time
bakery, a coffee and tea shop, la cozina latina, renegade-pixie kitchen and bakery, a chai
shop on the hilltop and another one by the riverside, under the shiva sacred tree, an
happening circus-theater space, a capoeira and yoga space, a mayan calendar school, a
library, a bhajan baba camp, a large ceremonial tipi and six others, a hungarian hempen
yurt, a bamboo dome, a sunset temple surya-mandira on the belvedere, and a big
temple-tree growing on a boulder next to main circle and there, under its shade, most
councils were held. We could see the southern cross and the north star, as it was the
closest Rainbow gathering ever from the equator.
After! Rumors and complaints about us reached the outside authorities, we had the visit of
several government officials, including police, immigration and health department, as well
as the TV and the press. For four days, we did the first pages of the national newspapers.
The first articles were a bit alarmist, but as time passed and as we spoke with the journalists,
their words became clearer regarding what we are all about, even mentioning Hopi
prophecies and the caravan to the next world gathering in Quebec. After checking us out, the
police and other officials gave us their OK, saying finaly there was no problem at all with us.
A week later, there was a special four pages section in the newspaper describing quite nicely
the Rainbow Family of Living Light. On new moon, which coincided with the equinox,
on march 20th, there was over 1500 people at the gathering. There was a special maya
tzolkin ceremony at midnight, in which over 300 took part. On the next morning, there was
a silent meditation, followed by the children's parade. The following weeks, the assistance
went down, but the number increased again to over 700 on full moon, april 5th. Two Native
shamans, Julio, a Quechua from Peru and Oratio, a Bribri from Talamanca, on the caribean
side of Costa Rica, came to share a ceremony in main circle, bringing a strong feeling of
healing and unity. Voices and instruments from all tribes of our World Family sounded together
as One. Even local Ticos joined us in circles, prayers, chants and celebrations. The energy rose
to its highest level in the hearts of most of us. We then received an invitation from the nearby
town of San Vito to present a show downtown. On holy wednesday, around 100 Rainbows
showed up with music, songs, joggling and fire shows, and we all circled around the central
Vision council lasted two full weeks. Although there was a strong call and a shared
converging vision to gather in Norway in summer 2005 and in Turkey for the solar eclipse
of march 2006, to honor the invitations of these two families, many felt that this vision is a
process in progress. We reached consensus that the first Turtle Island World gathering in
Quebec next august will be indeed the next World Rainbow gathering, thus confirming and
reaffirming the second consensus from last year's vision council at the world gathering in
Brazil. On Easter, april 11th, there was still around 100 left on site for clean up, after almost
300 had moved to the beach party in Dominical, bringing a wave of Rainbow energy to the
seashore. All in all, it was a very wonderful and awesome gathering. Many healing circles,
councils, workshops, bhajan, shabbath, nayabinghi, Rainbow chanting, drumming, dancing,
chilums and spliffs, peyote medicine, birthday cakes and other goodies, filled us up with
sweet memories to love and to share. Ilo, Ashe and Lucas' son, was also born there.
New seeds were planted.
In 2005, there will be a gathering in Guatemala in early winter, there will be a first annual
costarican gathering in march, and there will be a first gathering in Panama in april,
in the islands of Boca del Toro. After spending seven weeks at the gathering, I estimate
at about 2500 different participants through the whole event, including local population and
government officials. We counted over 60 countries represented in the circle, which is nearing
a third of all the world's countries. The Rainbow Serpent caravan is moving north through
Central America, Mexico and the US national in California, to reach the
Turtle Island World gathering in Quebec next august.
For info about the next World gathering....
voir aussi

Many beautifull sisters and brothers are on the road, as different parts of the body of the
Rainbow Serpent caravan, like waves of Rainbow Light, making their way up north with
theater shows, circus buses, travelling chai shops, jewelry selling or otherwise. A horse
caravan will also be moving north, leaving from the Nicoya peninsula. Happy trails to all!
Jah Love, Peace and Happiness inna the heart!
In the Spirit of Rainbow Universal Familyhood, with brotherly affection!
Hugs and Light!
See you all on the Rainbow trails!
Your loving brother