Message reçu le 17/09/2004



Dear brothers and sisters of the Rainbow family, this is it. you are invited to the autumn RETREAT, which will take place from September 14th to 30th 2004 near the Slovak - Polish - Ukrainian border in the East Carpathian mountains of Bieszczady on the Polish side (South - East of Poland).

We will meet on the land of an emerging community near the village of Zatwarnica. The place is called HULSKIE and it is not far from the river San. The suggested road from the West or South is: Go to Eastern Slovakia, cross the cities of Presov, Svidnik, border crossing to Poland is Vysny Komarnik/Barwinek (Dukelsky priesmyk) and behind the polish village of Tylawa, turn right direction Cisna. From Cisna the road goes through mountains - direction Wetlina and Ustrzyki Gorne. From Ustrzyki Gorne go to the north direction Lutowiska but turn before reaching it - approximately 1km after passing the village Procisne turn to Dwerniczek, Sekowiec, ZATWARNICA. In Zatwarnica look for the church (to the right). From the church there is a forest road, asphalted. From there the road is marked with ribbons and about 45 minutes walk (3, 5 km).When the road brings you to the stream, don't cross the bridge but turn right to the path, cross the stream (the foot-bridge was gone with the big water so maybe there still will not be a new one) and after a while you will see a tepee.

Welcome home! The main circle is about five minutes along the path from here.

For hitchhiking (a bit longer but more frequented roads): From the border crossing Barwinek follow the road straight to Mieisce Piastowe and turn to the city of Sanok. From Sanok go through Lesko to Ustrzyki Dolne, turn to direction of Lutowiska (via Rabe, Czarna). From Lutowiska continue straight ahead and after passing Smolnik, turn to Zatwarnica.

Coming from the North or East you can use these directions from Ustrzyki Dolne, Sanok.
There is also a tourist border crossing between Slovakia and Poland called Balnica, it is on the mountain path from the East- Slovakian village Osadné. From there, there is a train to Cisna. Another mountain tourist border crossing point is Ruské sedlo, if coming from the village Ruská.

For an adventurous way, you can hike Runina - Durkovec - Wetlina. The map is available through email. If you need more information, the contact is included. Good luck and a good hitch!

PLEASE. don't bring any drugs!!!
Respect the people who offered us the space and who try to establish a community on this piece of Earth and stay to live there. We want to gather to feel the healing power of Nature in this clean area, to learn from each other and share. Because of that, the healthy common food will be without white sugar and salt, there will be no coffee, black tea - we will try to clean ourselves, the human being. It will be a RETREAT. Once again, please respect this: NO DRUGS (cigarettes, THC, alcohol), NO ELECTRIC DEVICES (turn off your cell phones after arriving!), MINIMIZE WASTE and take back with you everything that cannot be recycled directly on the site. DOGS ARE NOT WELCOME by the local people.

WE NEED: You all :-), ideas, visions, musical instruments, kitchen tools and cooking equipment, tarps and big tents for community use (chai&kitchen.), rope, working tools. Bring your own tent or tepee.

Let me know if you are coming by car - we need one to bring the food and equipment. Invite all folks who have experience with permaculture, construction of natural housing, earth ovens. come and share your experience!