ECOTOPIA (mail reçu)

I was asked to forwarded this. It's something in between a press
release and an invitation to this year's Ecotopia gathering. That's
not a Rainbow Gathering, but it could be nice anyway :)



The Dingle Peninsula has been chosen as the venue for Ecotopia,
a major international gathering on sustainable living, to be
held this summer. Several hundred people from all over the world
are expected to attend a specially constructed "village" for the
two-week long "Ecotopia" festival and conference from August
10th to 24th. During these days the participants will live as a
sustainable community using renewable energy resources and
leaving as little of the impact on the local environment as
possible. A number of temporary structures will be built for
eating, meetings and sleeping and a vegetarian kitchen is
planned for which vegetables have already been planted on site.
Groups will leave the camp every few days to take part in local
projects - including area clean-ups and participants are
encouraged to give a workshop on a topic of their choice.
Workshops will be held on environmental awareness, alternative
medicines, vegetarianism, and ecological building, among others.
Sessions listed so far include workshops on environmental law,
nuclear power and energy, energy efficiency, geology, geography,
ancient Irish history, sustainable living, music, dance,
permaculture, climate change, and global social issues.

This year there's going to be a parallel program of workshops
about Conflict Resolution. Therefore we invite groups /
individuals who would like to organise one or more workshops on
this issue to contact us. We've already put down some ideas of
related topics:
· consensus based decision making
· one to one mediation
· peace activism
· "terrorism" and global conflicts
· intercultural differences
· racism/age/gender conflicts
· environment and conflict.
We encourage role-play based workshops in which the use of
imaginary conflicts enables the participants to deepen into the
role of the mediator and the power dynamics.

The exact location of the conference has yet to be disclosed,
however, as the organisers are keen to maintain control over the
gathering. In the past Ecotopia has been held in a number of
European venues. It was held in Bulgaria in 2001 and Finland in
2000. It was in Scotland a number of years ago but this will be
the first time it comes to Ireland. The organisers say they are
seeking volunteers to help tend the vegetables or to join one of
a number of teams set up to build the village, and carry out
other essential tasks. Actually everybody that will join
Ecotopia is expected to put some effort for the organization and
the effective running of the gathering.

A few things that you should into consideration, is that we
always use consensus based decision making in our gatherings,
and we strongly disapprove discriminatory types of behaviour
such as sexism and racism.

There is going to be a participation fee of approximately 7
euros per day, for the food and accommodation costs.

In some cases of participants with difficulties in attending the
gathering (e.g.due to economically disadvantaged country of
origin), there's a limited budget for travel reimbursement. In
this case people will have to fill-in in advance an application
form explaining in which way they 're planning to be active in /
to contribute to Ecotopia and the reason for the travel

Further information you can request at .

An Ecotopia website is also to be set up at, where there is going to be an
application form.

More info about the bike tour 2002, statring from Dover, England
and ending to the Dingle Peninsula, Ireland, you can find here.