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Subject: North and South Directions to BG gathering
Message reçu le 12/07/2004

Hi all!
Here are the full directions to the BG gathering....
approaching from north and from south (Greece).
Good trip to all....
Please BE a Rainboner...revive your sacred self....
BE aware what the Rainbow spirit stands for in our


Dear Rainbow Family,
Welcome home
Bulgaria 2004
You are invited in the European Rainbow Gathering in
the Rhodopy Mountains. Please bring your awareness and
It begins on New moon of July 17th, and continues
until New moon of August 17th.
Seedcamp starts 2nd of July.

To get there: from Plovdiv (possible through
Asenovgrad) Smolian or Goce Delchev
Go to Devin, after Devin direction Dospat, take cross
on Teshel to village Jagodina, do not turn to the
village, go through, pass Jagodina cave to village
Buinovo, see Rainbow signs to the place - meadow
called Bashish... Our Home. OM.

Possible bus: to take from Sofia to Devin: Monday,
Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, 17:15h, from bus station
"jug"(south), and from Plovdiv to Devin.
From Devin possible bus to Buinovo, everyday 18:00 pm.
Also good to hitch.

We have the vision of strong and beautiful gathering

Route planer http://www.at.map24.com/ might be helpful
Map and invitation can also be found at


North Greece from Thessalonica > Serres > Sidirokastro
Promahonas (border point) > right turn just after
the border village towards Goce Delcev (look for this
sign - writing is in bulgarian lauguage only) > Dospat
Tesel > Jacodina > Buinovo > meadow Bashish
Welcome Home....(1750 meters altitude - bring warm
cloths). Total distances travel in Bulgaria about 100
km pavement road in mountain area not very steep.
Gasoline is a little cheaper in BG, but not so many
gas stations.

Look from Jocodina caves, nature wonder. In north
Greece look for natural hot baths, good try Agistron,
small village just before the border 6 km to
east direction.


Information IMPORTANTE reçues le 11/07/2004

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Please check it before you get there:



Informations IMPORTANTES reçues le 11/07/2004

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Does anybody know how to handle following issue while staying at the rainbow side:
All travelers are required to register with the regional passport office for foreigners or the police within 48 hours after their arrival in the country and to inform the office about any change in their address. For those staying at a hotel, a private boarding house, or an apartment rented through an accommodation company, registration is taken care of by the proprietor. The Bulgarian authorities do not consider presentation of a copy of the passport sufficient for identification purposes. Visitors should carry their original passports with them at all times.


Invitation Map for European Gathering


Invitation for European Gathering (recue le 23 juin 2004)


Dear Rainbow Family,

Welcome home

You are invited to come in the European Gathering which will take place in the Rhodopy  mountains..
Please bring your awearness and love ....
It will begin on New moon of July (17), and continue to New moon of August
Seedcamp starts 2nd of July.
To get there from Plovdiv (possible through Asenovgrad) Smolian or Goce Delchev
go to Devin, after Devin direction Dospat, take cross on Teshel to village Jagodina,
do not turn to the village, go through, pass Jagodina cave to village Buinovo,
see Rainbow signs to the place -meadow called Bashish..our home

Possible bus to take from Sofia to Devin:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, 17:15h, from bus station "jug"(south),
and from Plovdiv to Devin.
From Devin possible bus to Buinovo, everyday 18:00 o´clock, also good to hich

We have the vision of strong and beautiful gathering

routeplaner http://www.at.map24.com/ might be helpful

map and invitation can aslo be found at http://www.whitecard.cc





Subject:  Informations about the 22nd European Rainbow Gathering in Bulgaria

Hello sisters and brothers!

Bag your packs whenever you decide and make your direction to Bulgaria !

The seed-camp begins at 2nd of july, so if anybody wants to help, you are invited !

The gathering starts 17th july and ends 17th august, and after that, there are two more weeks for cleaning and reviving the place.

The site is near Smolian. It is a city in the Western Rhodopes Mountains and you get there very easily: from Sofia, you take the highway to Plovdiv (the next big city after Sofia) and there you see the signs-Pamporovo, Smolian, Asenovgrad; when you see this road, you take it, and Smolian is 90 km. from Plovdiv. When you arrive there, you'd better watch for some signs or check your e-mail  for the specific position.

It is decided that this year the place may not be posted in the Internet and only be sent by  e-mails to the people figuring in the address book, so keep yourselves informed. Soon, we will send you maps and all.

You can come to Bulgaria from Serbia, Romania, Greece, Turkey, or Macedonia.

If you come from Serbia, Macedonia, Greece or Romania, you have to go to Sofia and continue from there, following the instructions above.

If you come from Turkey, you have to go to Plovdiv and from there to continue following the instructions above.

Only russians, turks and bosnians need visas to come to Bulgaria, all others need only their passports.

The people from Israel must register in the police , but it is a formality and they will tell you all about it at the border.

Cars must have green cards, or something like that to pass the border, but if you travel you should know this.

Well,  I can't remember what else I had to write , so if there is something else I will write again...

If you have any questions, ask, but sometimes we are a little bit slow with the
answers ! 

So, Peace and get ready ! 

Sorry to everyone who already recieved this message!

P.S. If you come by plane, you'd better land in Plovdiv.

There is also train from Sofia to Plovdiv. After that, there is no train, only buses. The train is about 3 €. From Plovdiv, there is a bus on every hour to Smolian, and it won't be much more expensive than the train.

There are also buses from Sofia to Smolian at 9, 13, 16h, and maybe more.

Hitch-hiking is also a very good way to travel in Bulgaria, even if you come from abroad !          So, you decide!


Informations reçues le 12/05/2004

lovely Family !

Here is some Info about scouting for the european Rainbow-Gathering in Bulgaria: scouting will begin on 18 of may here I send you a map to the place, where meet

much love



This year's European Rainbow Gathering will be in Bulgaria
from ~ July 17th to August 17th, Seedcamp starting early July.
Nobody knows where exactly yet,
but it's very likely to be in the South at the border to Greece...